A Testimonial from Emerald Hill Farm’s Eileen Van Houten

December 14th, 2009


RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls presents Eileen Van Houten.

“When we began building our new barn two years ago, we did a lot of research into the products and suppliers we used. We relied on Ramm Fence and Stalls for quality products, expert advice and exceptional customer service. We have been extremely pleased with the electric fencing and the Comfort Stall System stall mats we purchased through Ramm Fence & Stalls. We were given sound guidance regarding the appropriate products for our needs, along with prompt, courteous and helpful customer service whenever we had any questions.

The electric fencing lines our four board oak fencing top and bottom and has withstood the antics of our large warmbloods very well. The Comfort Stall System stall mats are a great addition to our barn and are very popular with our veterinarian, who feels they have helped our older horses, as well as any horses on stall rest, remain comfortable and avoid sores when they lie down. Mackenzie and all of the staff at Ramm Fence & Stalls have been very pleasant to work with as well.

We look forward to doing more business with Ramm Fence & Stalls. ”

– Eileen Van Houten, Emerald Hill Farm

Call Mackenzie Lehman at 800-416-1958 for all of your Farm & Barn, Horse Fencing, and Horse Stalls needs!

Mackenzie Lehman is the RAMM Representative for North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and the District of Columbia – and she can help you with all of your horse stall or fencing needs! Call her today at (800) 416-1958 and let her help you with your dreams today! Have some design plans already in mind? Fax Mackenzie at: (419) 825-2433 or email her at: mackenzie@rammfence.com.

Photo Courtesy of Eileen Van Houten , Emerald Hill Farm –  Fountain, North Carolina. Used With Permission. Copyright 2010 Ramm Fence Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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