Automatic Horse Pasture Waterer Installation | Video & Photo

November 1st, 2011

The Automatic Pasture Waterer From RAMM


Mikie Disbrow talks about installing the automatic pasture waterer (Mikie and AJ, seen in the video, are from RAMM)

On all of our waterers at our farm we have used a PVC Tube minimum of 8″ diameter (max 12″ diameter, bigger is better). You do not have to use the specific sleeve as described in the instructions as the concept will be achieved by using a PVC tube as well (the pvc is more cost effective). The idea is to tap into the earth’s geo-thermal heat to keep your water line from freezing. The rule of thumb is to take the tube/sleeve below your frost depth, our frost depth is 42″, however, we took our tubes down to about 84″ deep to ensure we would not have any freeze up in the winter. The shut off valve is a standard in line shut off valve and will correspond in size to the water line you run. The shut off valve is not required for the waterers, it is more of a convenience for maintenance if needed. Shut off valves will run a few dollars a piece, and from my experience are worth it as you can isolate a waterer and shut it off if needed. We used 3/4″ black poly water line for all of our waterers and they work just as they should. All of the water pipe, fittings, and shut off valves will need to be purchased based on your layout/configuration.

Product Details (Technical Specs)

Weight: 39 LBS
Amps: 1
Watts: 100
Animal Capacity: 80
Height of Trough: 24″
28″ x 18″ x 30″

Product Features

Model # PCPE
Available with or without infrared head pad
Can be shipped by UPS

Call (800) 434-8456 for more information about how our Automatic Stall Waterer’s can help you with your horses!



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