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November 15th, 2010

In the beginning stages of starting Ramm, I remember thinking that we needed to provide our customers with products that would stand the test of time, carry quality products that were made for horses, and tell our customers everything about products that they wanted or needed to know! Because we owned horses ourselves, we needed to also purchase products for the barn and pastures -just like our customers. I have always said that “We are consumers, just like you” and want to put our horses behind products that are safer and made with horses in mind.


Over the past 22 years, our family and myself have visited hundreds of horse facilities across the United States and Europe. I feel that this is a true privilege as well, as we have gained a wealth of information about what’s available for our customers. With that being said, let me share some information on what we feel is important to any horse owner when purchasing products for your horse farm and barn.

Today’s economy can make it tough to keep up with required yearly horse needs. Standard vaccinations, proper hay and grain, shoeing or hoof trimming takes a chunk of the monthly budget. For most horse owners, cut backs in these areas are not even questionable. Additionally, fencing, proper stalling and/or sheltering are every bit as important for your horse’s well-being. Do your homework and you will be able to purchase quality products that will prove to save money now and later!


With over twenty-two years in the horse industry, RAMM’s goal is to help horse owners find quality products that are safer alternatives for their horses. Our family run and owned company offers quality products that are ‘horse tested’ at our barns. If you would like help with your farm or barn products, feel free to contact us at Email Debbie

Every horse owner deserves quality products for their horses! We wish you a happy and safe holiday season!
Debbie Walking Horse

Debbie has over 45 years experience with horses and in equine-related businesses. She has owned, trained, and boarded horses and run stables at various times in her career. She is a certified fence installer, has given balanced riding lessons, and has shown horses in Western, Western Pleasure, Trail, English, Hunter/Jumper, Fox Hunting, Hunter Trials and Dressage classes. Debbie has been involved in driving, foaling, and just about every aspect of horse ownership possible. She welcomes your questions and comments at Email Debbie

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