Professional Fence Installation Project at Ramm’s Headquarters

September 28th, 2010

Part 2 -Finishing Our Fencing Project at RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls

I wondered if I could truly believe that the fencing would be finished within the week. Everywhere I looked there were posts in the ground and string lines everywhere! The weather was supposed to hold out, from heavy rains, and we were actually getting bright sunny days. I knew that the concrete was going around all the braces that day. The fields were so wet that we could not call for a concrete truck, so we decided to use bagged concrete.

The footer around the brace is one of the most important parts of any bracing system. All brace posts need to be the proper depth in the ground (according to frost depths in your area). The footer around all the brace posts were dug with a ‘flared’ 18″ front. This flair gives the brace the holding power needed beneath the ground. The flat front provides enough surface space and holds the brace against the pull of the fence! The large corner/end posts needed 4-7 -80 lb. bags and the brace posts 3-80 lb. bags each. Once the braces were completed, we drove our line posts into the ground. We chose 10′ post spacing, not only for the good look that it gives, but it makes a stronger fence. When posts are closer together, there is more stability between the rails, making it harder to push them apart. (We are near a busy highway, and I wanted to be sure that we made everything secure). When you think about the number of posts needed for a 100′ stretch of fence using 10′ post spacing, you would need 10 posts. If you used 12′ post spacing you would use 8 posts. To me, its not many more posts to go with the 10′ post spacing – and that’s totally worth peace of mind!


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