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April 18th, 2011

Hold Your Horses

I really didn’t think too much about gates, until my horses got loose. Six horses, 24 pounding hoofs, and six tails flagged to the wind! They were the happiest horses in Ohio. Of course, my immediate fear was injury occurring to horse or human, especially with our busy road, children out playing, or Good Samaritans stepping in to lend a hand. Fortunately, my horses are obsessed with their grain. So with a shake of the bucket, and a little creative waving, and calling, I had them safely back in their pasture with the gate closed.

It can happen to even the most-conscientious horse owner. We get used to the routine, and double-check everything before heading to the house. But once in a while, distractions and busy schedules intervene.
For obvious convenience, most gates are placed at high traffic areas. Horses learn very quickly the access route to the barn where they are groomed, get attention and best of all, eat. The repetitive positive reinforcement they receive every time they pass through the gate is the reason horses push and shove or stand and paw the gate area.

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