Horse Barn Overhead Ceiling Fans

July 24th, 2012

Overhead Ceiling Fans

Are the long hot days of summer taking a toll on you and your horse? Enjoyable rides can turn hot and sweaty in no time. Barn work can be draining and before you know it, you’re shortening your time in your barn and with your horse. To help solve this problem, you may have purchased box or basket fans for your horses stalls or barn aisle. Only to realize you’re not sure how to rig them on, above or over the area. Standing fans can get in the way of barn traffic patterns and become dirty eyesores in no time. Not to mention the noise level can be so loud that you cannot hear anyone shout a warning or a hello. If you would like to be more comfortable in hot weather, consider installing industrial ceiling fans, in your barn, to keep cool.

Airflow and circulation is a huge factor in keeping horses cool and healthy. With temperatures toping out in mid-summer, your barn or indoor can stay much cooler through the use of indoor/outdoor ceiling fans. Efficient 3 paddle industrial fans come in 56” to 60″ diameter and are installed over your horses stall or in your barn aisle. Some fans are made with extra long rods to provide safety clearance from the ceiling (indoor arenas, tall aisles, outdoor over hangs), while others can be flush mounted (depending on your ceiling height of your stalls). Airflow output can vary, which will also effect the price, so check to see what is the suggested coverage area. Variable speed switches are available as well as a reverse feature. This allows you to move air up or down depending on the temperature (and can help ceiling condensation). The bladed fans eliminate difficult box fan cleaning and are waterproof so you can hose them off if needed. These fans are long lasting (some have lifetime warranties) and quite (that is so nice!). Additionally you do not have to worry about extension cords draping or hanging around your horses with hard-wired installation.

Both you and your horse will stay much more comfortable in your barn or indoor. Horses cool off faster and you can do your work easier. Fans tend to help your horses find relief from flies and circulate the air, which can become stagnant with strong odors in from hot and humid days. Individual stall fan switches can be installed in a convenient area of your barn allowing unused stall fans to be off while others are on. Most often barn aisles stay comfortable with the use of fans over stalls. However, if your ceilings are low, opt to have fans in your aisle rather over your stalls. Indoor riding arenas stay cooler and comfortable with the use of overhead fans ~ nothing could be nicer than to have a comfortable ride on a hot day!

The ceiling fans in our barn make all the difference in attitudes, stamina and comfort on hot days! Monitoring water intake and being sure that everyone stays hydrated helps to keep heat exhaustion at bay. If you would like more tips and ideas for keeping your barn cool, fan placement, efficient switch and control ideas, we would like to hear from you! Feel free to call us at 1-800-878-5644, or email Debbie at Ride often and stay cool!

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