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March 9th, 2011

From one of our customers comes this heartwarming tale!

“I had been sole care giver to my mom since 1999. In 2008 she suffered a major stroke and after a brief stay in the hospital I brought her home with the aid of Hospice. Mom didn’t believe she was home, so I brought Lily into the house; at this time Lily was six months old. Bringing Lily into the house convinced mom she was indeed home.

The bedroom was small and had very tight quarters and Lily navigated the unfamiliar space without any sign of fear. That’s when I got the thought to train her as a therapy animal. I clicker trained her for the next year before attending a two-day human workshop held by Delta Society, an International organization.

In November 2009, Lily and I arrived at Tufts Vet School for our evaluation process and we both passed, me at the age of 64 and Lily at 1-1/2 years old. We are presently doing room to room visitations at two Golden Living Center nursing homes – Chetwynde in West Newton, Mass, and Wedgemere in Taunton, Mass. Both facility visits last approximately one hour. We also visit the Brockton VA Hospital, Building 4 with our visits lasting 3 hours and just recently star ted visiting their Spinal Cord Unit. Lily is a smidge over 29” tall and rides in the back or our Grand Caravan. It isn’t often in these times that there are what we call “feel good” stories. We We look forward to more stories – keep up the great work.”

Like that picture of Lily in her shoes? That’s Lily in her ‘Build a Bear’ shoes that were too big for her. She wears these so she does not slip around when going to see patients.

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