Portable Horse Stalls – Versatile, Safe and Strong

October 12th, 2012

Have you ever thought about putting portable panel horse stalls in your barn? Or what it would be like to stall your horses in them?  Do you wonder how strong they are or how easy they would be to set up?  I have personally used portables for my horses for many years and have the ‘inside story’ on them! So grab a cup of coffee and lets talk a bit about new ways to update your barn or stalls!

Wasabi and Caz having a cup of coffee with us!

Almost 12 years ago we  purchased a new farm and were excited about getting our horses there and settled.  In the past we had  moved to a barn fully set up with stalls. But this time we had an open span pole barn building with a concrete floor. The plan was to lay down stall mats on the concrete floor (securely) and then build a row of our RAMM 12 x 12 portable stalls.  We brought the stalls and wood to our new location on a flat bed trailer.  The stalls are a one piece frame with openings at the top and bottom of the frames where ‘connectors’ are tapped into place holding the stall sections together.  The fronts, sides and back frames for stalls were ‘joined’ together in one afternoon. It was exciting to see the stalls go together so quickly and see how strong they already were even without the wood.

Portable stall front with grilled V-drop door, large feed door and feeder, front water bucket door.

The following day we installed the pre-cut wood that simply dropped into place  vertically and slid along the fame until the front of the stall and the door were finished. The side and back partitions were basically installed the same way with the wood being placed in the frame vertically. We opted to have grilled partitions between our stalls since all of our horses were pasture buddies and socialized well together. And additionally, we liked the ability to have greater ventelation for the horses in that particular pole barn building.

Before we knew it, in one and a half days, 6 strong and sturdy stalls were ready for our horses to call ‘home’. With spring loaded latch bars, sliding door and track system, stay rollers to hold the doors in place (so horses cannot push the doors ‘out’), and large feed openings, we were in business! We choose large feed openings so that we could install our one piece hay and grain feeders directly on the feed doors. It created a ‘carousel’ effect so that when the  feed door was opened, the horses faced the flat back side of the feeder while we could have full access to fill the hay and grain feeder then turn it back into the stall for the horse. This was a great feature so that we could have ‘helpers’ come and not have to enter the stall. We also opted to install water bucket doors that opened from the front of the stall and mounted bucket holders to the inside of the door. When bucket doors are opened the buckets can be easily cleaned and refilled from the outside of the stall.

Horses are easily fed hay and grain with Carousel feeder.

Our RAMM portable stalls are extremely strong and easily held our very large draft horse, Fred. You might wonder if the stalls are able to withstand rugged use, and I can say without hesitation, ‘yes!’ Our draft horse was notorious for pawing and hitting his door and stall front at feeding time. Even with that kind of abuse, for several  years, we did not have any bending or damage to the stalls! I consider the portable stalls as solid as any other stall constructed on barn supports.

Our beloved draft, ‘Fred’. You can see Freds large size beside our tall farrier

Those stalls were our horses ‘homes’ for many years…and yes, we did move into another barn after the pole barn building!  So when it came time to move, wood was removed from the frames, the connectors were taken out of the corners of the frames and the frames were stacked, along with the wood – ready for other uses.

Our RAMM portable stalls were used for’ temporary stalling’ for about 5 years! Portables can be used in indoor arenas to add safe stalls quickly for clinics or boarders. Additionally they can be used under out door overhangs for convenient stalling. RAMM portable stalls come in a variety of styles and designs for temporary use at fair grounds and shows all the way to permanent stalling, like we did and….. are doing again!

What I did not tell you is that we made another move! And yes, until our horses are in their ‘new’ barn, they are being stalled in our RAMM portable stalls all over again! So far its been over 2 years that our horses are back in their portable stalls and most likely will be for about another year. We are clearing the  land and preparing to build our next barn! In the meantime, our horses are safely tucked in their stalls and happy as can be! We are happy too, knowing how strong, safe, durable, functional and long lasting our horses stalls truly are!

Wasabi next to our Portable Panel stalls in our barn.

If you are interested in knowing more about how RAMM portable stalls would work in your barn, just let me know. I will be happy to talk to you personally about your barn and horses! Let me know your thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you!


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