Horse Breeds-Part 2: Arabians, Warm Bloods, and Tennessee Walkers

January 4th, 2010

At RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls, one question we always try to ask is, “What breed of horses do you own?”  The breed of a horse will provide information that will help us with what products we can talk to our customers about.


Were used in the deserts ages ago. They are great endurance horses. High spirited, they can be reactors (run before they can think). Their “dished” face (the nose curves in and then back out) makes them quite recognizable. Most Arabians are smaller in size and height. Egyptian breeds can be very tall.

We always ask our customers:  What is your horse’s attitude like?

As a reactor, fencing should be strong and spaces closer together. Stall size may be 10 x 10 or larger depending on horse size. Many Arabians are grays, but black and brown is also seen.



Many different breeds make up the warm blood –bloodlines; Trakehner, Holstiner, Dutch Warm blood, and many others. These horses mature at a slower rate and require more patience in handling. They stand between 15-3 to 18 hands. They are large framed and are prized as event horses, hunter jumpers, and dressage horses. Warm bloods are slow to action, but big when they decide to move.

A taller fence system with strong to very strong break strength would be a good suggestion we would make.

We always ask our customers:  What is your horse’s attitude like?

Stalls should be strong and large to accommodate this larger size (12 x 12). Color same as TB


Tennessee Walkers

Usually are about 15-16 hands. They are generally a quite horse to ride with an incredibly easy seat (easy to ride and comfortable). The Walkers are a gated horse, they rack. That means that they lift both legs on the same side when they do a running trot. It is very smooth.

We always ask our customers:  What is your horse’s attitude like and go from there.

Color mostly gray, but chestnut too.

These are just a few things to think about with these particular breeds and as always, please send us your comments or questions and we’ll answer them for you quickly!


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Up Next: RAMM talks about Standardbreds and Drafts.

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