RAMM’s Mascot Sophie Has a Spa Day!

March 20th, 2012

Sophie has a day at the Spa

If you wondered which dog in the world has it best? That would be our little  Sophie, RAMM’s ‘mascot.’  This little Bishon went to the spa today and you won’t believe what she has done! First step, cutting and trimming her manky and long fur. Her personal groomer works to help her maintain her spectacular looks. Once her fur is trimmed, after many breaks, “George” allows here to soak in her dog tub, where she is given an invigorating bath. It’s her time to close her eyes and feel all the doggy stress of the world wash right off her! No expense is spared with her Parisian shampoo and conditioner. After that, she’s with her stylist who lovingly blow dries her fur – all the while making sure her coat is soft, silky, and full! With all of that work – she almost looks like a shiny Cadillac coming out of the Top Shelf car wash. Our little lady is magnificent and her fur is glowing.

Sophie Loves that French Shampoo and Conditioner

But things don’t stop there, oh no. Our Princess Sophie also has her Mani-Pedi as well. George works on her nails and buffs and polishes them to sparkling beauty. Yes – we’re still talking about a dog here (don’t be jealous). Ha! After that special time, she then goes to the last phase of her spa day – finishing touches that make her the most pampered, er – beautiful doggie in the world. Our little lady gets some last-minute primping and brushing, and after a spritz of Eau-De-Woof! – she’s finally ready to conquer the world and return to RAMM.

At the end of her spa day, she always has that look in her eye that says – “That’s right. I deserve to be treated like the doggie royalty I am.” Short of a facial – our girl gets the full treatment. So yes – she IS one pampered dog!

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