What’s Not to Love About About Horses and Barns?

October 3rd, 2012

Isn’t there just something about walking into your barn that makes your day better?  I truly feel like time ‘stands still’ and all the cares of the day slip away.  There is that unmistakable smell of hay, horses and fresh air.  And the sounds.. like  that moment when you walk into the barn and the horses greet you! Or listening to them during feeding time. The  ongoing ‘crunch, crunch, crunch is delightfully comforting while eating oat’s gives another distinct and and warm sound. Nothing better!

Goliath and David our miniature Jerusalem Donkeys

Our warm horses have the most beautiful smell. A ‘perfume’ that only a true smitten horse owner knows. It feels so good to press your face into your horses neck where, somehow we can feel almost cradled. Big enough necks for hugs and sometimes wet from tears, our horses graciously allow us so much room for our outpouring of emotions, free of judgement.

Baxter Basin.. our young paint.

Old barns are my favorite as they seem to have a life all of their own. The extremly tall hip roof barns with hand hewn logs with bark are seem to hold many stories within their walls.  But all barns give cats places to be ferocious mousers, give birds places to have families and dogs, well, they just seem to own the whole barn.

Old hip roof barn.

Genuine conversations with the local Vet, Farrier, family and friends happen best in the barn. Most often, no phones to answer and more often uninterrupted true two way conversations. Sitting down on a bale of straw or hay and just stopping to think for a little bit of time seems to clear racing thoughts. Walking into the tack room with its smell of  the newly cleaned tack and leather is like aromatherapy!

Barn kitty Chino.

Truly enjoy your time in your barn. Love on your horses and be in the moment. Share some quality time with you family and friends and make lasting memories. Enjoy grooming, cleaning and ultimately riding because you are fortunate to be able to do things that many people dream of doing!

Please share your ideas and let me know what you like about your barn and horses. I bet we have a lot in common!

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